Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Tomlinson update & more!

We had our 16 week appointment this morning and everything is going great!  Kyle got to hear the heartbeat for the first time because he was out of town during my 12 week appointment.  The heartbeat came through loud & clear!  The doctor said it was about 160 bpm.  I've heard that could mean boy....what do you think?  We are very anxious to find out if we are having a boy or girl!  I think the doctor could sense this because she offered to let me come back in 2 weeks for our ultrasound (normally, we would have the ultrasound at 20 weeks)!!!!  We are so excited!  Two weeks from today we (keep your fingers crossed) will know the sex of our baby!  

In other news, we aren't the only ones adding to our family in 2010!

My sister and brother-in-law, Emily & Paul, are adopting from Ethiopia and have FINALLY been matched with a precious little 4-year old girl.  Her name is Tesute (they are going to call her Tes) and we hope to have her as a part of our family in late May or early June.  This is a long-time waiting answered prayer for their family!  Ellie, Cooper and Cole are very excited about their new little sister....especially Ellie, who has been praying every day for a sister for quite some time (even though she knew nothing of the adoption).  
ALSO--Kyle's parents are adopting a 14-year old from Russia!  Her name is Nastia and she will be joining the family next month!!  She is a very pretty young teenager and we are equally excited to meet her and welcome her to the family!  

WOW!  I feel like Brangelina!  2010 will be exciting to say the least! 

Here are some long overdue pics of the holidays and beginning of 2010!  

Our last Christmas just the two of us!

Me and my sisters on Christmas Eve!

Laura & Nicole's going away party at Cabana :(

Snowed in!

Happy Birthday Kyle (in December!)