Sunday, October 9, 2011

Will at 13 months!

I'm a month late on this post, but am going ahead in order to have it in the book!  I never got around to taking Will's "official" (and by official, I mean the 13 month sticker) 13 month picture, but I have plenty of pictures of him at 13 months.  
September started off with a bout of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.....yes, definitely sounds like something disgusting, but not really so.  Basically, he ran a high fever and had a rash covering his body and in his little mouth.  Bless.His.Heart!  He couldn't really eat or drink for several days and, deservingly, was pretty whiney.  After about 72 hours, he started feeling better again and after about five days, he was back to normal.  Happy Labor Day weekend to us! :)
I took him to the doctor at 13 months and he weighed in (with diaper and clothes) at 19 lbs 10 oz.  We don't go back for an official visit until 15 months.  
Toward the end of September, Will and I ventured off to Myrtle Beach with my parents for a little sun and relaxation.  This is always a fun trip and a separate post will come one day.

So, a little run down of Will at 13 months:
~continues to sleep pretty well...11-12 hours/night.  
~takes 2 naps on most days, but has started fighting me occasionally on the afternoon nap.
~At 13 1/2 months, we finished up our last scoop of formula and he is now completely bottle free!
~On Sept 10th, under Grammy T's supervision, Will took 5-8 steps, but Mommy and Daddy did not get to witness it nor have we since seen him take any additional steps.
~He loves pushing his push toys, going down the slide and dancing to his Laugh and Learn Puppy.
~He is becoming a little more particular on what he wants to eat.  His current favorite foods include bananas, apple sauce, cheese, spaghetti and crackers/puffs/yogurt melts (if those even count!). He will eat just about anything if his mood is right!
~Not really saying much more than Dada, hot, what sounds like "I do it" and his version of "woof woof."
~Loves to dance and clap his hands!
~Has a severe case of "Mommy-itis."  We continue to struggle with the church nursery.
~Had his first injury that included blood--he fell and hit his mouth and bit his tongue.