Friday, December 16, 2011

Way back in September Beach Trip!

In September, Will and I headed to the beach with my parents!  It was a super fun trip and Will LOVES the sand and ocean!  The weather wasn't overly fantastic, but sunny enough.  Think....put the baby in swim trunks/swim diaper, put sunscreen all over baby, load up towels, chair, umbrella, toys, snacks, hat, cooler, etc. and haul all of this down to the beach...with the baby. Set up all of the above.......and then dark clouds and sprinkles/rain. Reload all of the above and head back inside. This sequence happened a couple of times and as soon as we would get everything back up to the condo, the sun would come out again!  Ha!  Thank goodness for the indoor waterpark (which Will also loved!).
Anyway--we still had plenty of nice weather and best of all, Kyle was able to fly over for the weekend to visit!  It's so nice to get away and Will loves being spoiled by Grammy and Poppy D!
 Toes in the water!
 Will loved the ocean and "jumping" the waves!
 He wasn't walking yet, so he used his floaty as a "walker" in the baby pool!
 Going down the water slide with Poppy!
 Again! Again!
 Will loved being out on the beach!

 Crazy clouds and a storm rolling in!

 Playing in the sand!
 Crazy clouds another day!
 Daddy came to the beach!
 Date night at the beach!
 Getting ready to ride the Skywheel!

 Walking on the beach with Dada.
 He would, seriously, crawl straight into the water 
until it was over his head if you didn't grab him first!

Playing in the sand!

Fun Friday Photo!

Will loves to read!

Will has always enjoyed reading books.  We read books before every nap, before bedtime and often throughout the day.  I've caught him several times in his room, hunched down next to his overflowing basket of books, turning the pages and "reading" them.  Recently, though, he's really taken to them more than ever.  He will go into his room, pick a book and bring it to us for us to read.  He likes to sit on the couch with us while we read or sit in his own chair and look at the books by himself.  He likes to point to the pictures and have us tell him what it is or we will ask him where something is and he'll point to the picture.

He looks so big in his chair! 
Remember when he was this little?

Will's 1st Haircut!

*sniff, sniff*
Will had his 1st haircut at 15 months.  It was much needed, I guess!  Kyle said he was getting a mullet.  So, off we went to do the deed.  Will was great for the whole 4 minutes that it took to complete (obviously, I didn't let them cut much!).  

Catching up! Our Staycation!

My sweet boy is with his Grammy and Poppy in Maryville for the weekend, so I'm trying to post a few quick updates while I have some time to myself (I know, exciting, right?)!
Back during the beginning of November, Kyle took a much deserved week off of work (who knew "busy season" was August--December?).  Wait.....let me stop here and give Kyle a HUGE shout out for passing the CPA exam in September!  Whoo-hoo!  So proud of him!  
Instead of planning a trip somewhere, we decided to stay home (save money!!) and do some things around Nashville.  The weather was beautiful that week and we were able to spend some time outside. It was a great week of family time and relaxation!

 The Nashville Zoo!
 We caught the elephants getting a drink of water.
 My boys and the giraffes!
 Love that sweet face!
 Petting the goats.
 He was so cute chasing them around.

Petting the camel!
My blue-eyed baby boy!
 Goofing off with Mommy!  
Will pushing Mommy around on his toys!
It was so funny!
Hiking at Radnor Lake!
 Do you see the deer?
 Mommy and her buddy!
 Love the colors on the trees! Glad we could get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!
 Family pic!
 And the love affair with ranch begins...
My cute buddy after his Sunday nap!  Love his "big boy" outfit!