Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day!

I can't believe the we, actually, woke up to a white Christmas this year!  I was super excited that it had snowed AND that it had snowed on Will's 1st Christmas!  That HAS to be good luck, right?  It was so much fun to share in the excitement on Christmas morning this year!  Having a child really has brought a new meaning to the holidays!  Although Will had no idea what was going on, we were very excited for him.  Santa was very good to Will this year even though we told him to take it easy!  Needless to say, Will is going to have no problem finding a toy to play with in the upcoming months.  The day after Christmas, we scraped 8 inches of snow off of our car!  

 Daddy and the presents that Santa brought Will!

 Will's 1st Christmas morning pic!
 He's very excited to eat rice cereal before seeing what Santa brought him!
 Will's 1st White Christmas!
 Look how cute I am in the Christmas jammies that Poppy bought me!

 Will and his gifts from Santa!
 All of the cousins (+Max) on Christmas morning.
 Ellie and Will 
 a White Christmas in Maryville!
Getting ready to open presents.....where is Will???
Oh, there he is!  Snoozing! We had to wait until he woke up to open his presents!
Apparently, Poppy must have needed a snooze, too!
Will and G-daddy
 Tess, Ellie and Will

 I think Will's gifts were the hit of the party!
 Ellie and Maddox reading to Will.  Do you think he gets enough attention?

Christmas Eve

My family has a tradition of doing a HUGE dinner on Christmas Eve.  The whole family gets together at my parents house and my mom makes the biggest meal that you've ever seen.  If, at any point in time, you have mentioned a favorite dish, it's on the menu!  There had to be at least 15 different dishes!  A few of my favorites are creamed spinach, red hot cinnamon apples and crockpot dressing!  Mmmm!  I can remember, as a little girl, sitting around the dining room table and our family fitting around that one table.  Now, we have been so greatly blessed with new family members, that we have to put people in multiple rooms.  This year, we added two new members to the family---Tess and Will!

Will's 1st Christmas!
Kevin & Debbie
 Emily & Paul
 The great meal!

Tess lovin' on Will!
Will and his great-grandmother!
 Will enjoying his Christmas Eve dinner....rice cereal!
 Tesute and Will
 Cole and his massive turkey leg!
G-mommie and G-daddy!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Will's 1st Visit with Santa!

Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  We FINALLY got Will's picture with Santa on the afternoon of Christmas Eve!  Thank goodness, Will was just in time to get his requests into Santa!  Even better (for Mommy and Daddy), we didn't have to pay to get his picture (thank you Foothills Mall--Maryville, TN!).  Will did tell Santa all of his requests for toys this year, but I'm predicting next year might be a little bit more "scary!"

 Telling Santa what he wants for Christmas

3rd Annual Tomlinson/Hand Christmas Dinner!

A few weeks ago, our good friends, Jason and Amy Hand came over for our 3rd installment of the Annual Tomlinson / Hand Christmas Dinner.  We had a great meal that included stuffed mushrooms, beef tenderloin, yummy twice baked potatoes, creamed spinach and delicious pumpkin cream cheese squares (wow, I'm getting hungry thinking about it!).  It's always great to spend time with such sweet friends!  With the arrival of little Will, it's harder for us to make plans with friends, so we truly appreciate the time that we do spend with them.  
We weren't very good at taking pictures this year...so, we only got one pic.
Love you guys!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Will + Laney

One of my best friends, Laura, came into town for a girls get-together this week and she and little Laney stayed with us!  Of course, we stayed up until midnight chatting and reminiscing about "the good 'ole days.".  Laura was my "little sister" in college and then we were roommates for a couple of years after college.  Some of my funniest and best memories are of the two of us together.  It's funny to think about all of our good times living the single life and then now to be sitting on the couch with our babies talking about poopy diapers.  Ha.  My how times change but great friendships never do!

We decided to take some pictures of little Will and Laneybug!  Oh my goodness, they are so cute.  I look at these pictures and immediately think of the movie When Harry Met Sally.  They remind me of a little old couple sitting together.  Enjoy!

 "Will, let me tell the story...."
 "So, we met when our Mommy's were best good friends..."

 "I really like Laney. I hope she likes me, too!"
 Holding hands...

 Laney telling jokes to Will
 This one reminds me of a church directory picture if they were 50 years older!

 Will trying to love on Laney.  Donald has done a good job of telling her to stay away from the boys :)