Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Will at 12 months!

Now that Will is going to be 13 months in only two days, I will try and squeeze in his 12 month post!  I did, however, manage to take the pictures on his 12 month, at least those are on time!
Wow...12 months! Really?  It overwhelms me to think that it has already been a year.  It's unbelievable how much they change in a single year.  It's like, overnight, I woke up and my baby is now this little boy.  What a fun and exciting year it has been!  Having a baby makes even the little things more exciting...and sometimes frustrating! :)  Each stage is difficult in its own way, but, oh how each stage is so much fun!  I can not even begin to imagine our life without Will.  He's been the perfect addition to our family.  

12 month stats:
~Weight: 19 lbs 3oz (6th percentile)
~Length: 29 3/4 inches (51st percentile)
~Head Circumference: 46 3/4 cm or 18.41 inches (63rd percentile)

It's practically impossible to get him to sit in his chair AND smile at the same time...even with two people!

At 12 months:
~Sleeps 12 hours per night
~Is down to only 1 bottle of formula/day.  We cut out the two daytime bottles immediately after leaving the doctor's office for his 12 month well visit.  About a 10 days later, I cut out the morning bottle.  We're down to only the bedtime bottle and as soon as I run out of formula, we'll say goodbye to that one, too!
~Began whole cow's milk on his 1 year birthday.  He's liked it from the very beginning.
~Still eating pretty well.  He will eat just about anything (including creamed spinach), but some meals he is more particular than others.  One meal he won't hardly touch anything and the next meal, you wonder where all of that food is going???
~His favorite foods continue to be fruit (specifically bananas!) and bread!  He's tried tuna and liked it and he loves grilled cheese and cheese quesadillas!  Surprisingly, he doesn't really care for chicken, but he loves ground beef!  He will never turn away spaghetti!
~Has cut four teeth in the past month!  He now has four on the top and four on the bottom.  He's got at least two more getting ready to push through on the bottom as well.  Literally, within one week, he cut 3 teeth!
~Still not walking, but will "cruise" around the furniture, let go for several seconds and then realize he is standing by himself and sit down.  He will, occasionally, also walk holding just one of our hands.
~He loves to walk around the  house pushing two of his push toys.  He's gotten pretty good and can even maneuver around the furniture and turn around.
~For the most part, is still a momma's boy and doesn't like to go to anyone else when I'm around.  The church nursery continues to be a problem for us.
~Will (and I) survived our first time being away from each other overnight.  Will stayed with his Grammie and Poppy T. while Kyle and I took a long weekend vacation to the beach.  He did great (and so did I!)
~Isn't saying too many words at this point.  He is saying Dada, Hey, Hey Ben (or at least mimics the sound of ben) , hot, Tess and bye-bye (just in the last 2 days).

 pushing one of his walking toys
 1st visit to Dollywood!
My big boy riding the pigs! 
 Riding the ducks!
 On the bumble bees (that go up and down!)
 Driving the car with Poppy!

The flying elephants (that went really high and were kinda scary!)
Carousel with Grammie and Poppy D.

 Swinging at Grammie and Poppy D's house!
Bath time!

We love you sweet buddy!

Will's 1st Birthday Party!

I've got A LOT of catching up to do, so here we go!

 Almost a month ago (eek!), Will turned one and we celebrated with a "little" birthday party!  I had been planning and working on his party for weeks!  The party was held at Wayne and Vickie's neighborhood pool and it was a great idea due to the summer heat!  It rained off and on all morning before his party, so I couldn't get over there to decorate until, literally, right before the party was supposed to start.  So, to say the least, it was a little chaotic when everyone began to arrive.  The theme was "Under the Sea" and it turned out really cute!
Here are a few pictures of the fun party!  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Will's 1st birthday!

Happy Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet baby boy!  
The past year has just flown by!  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined loving a little person as much as I love him.  He has completely stolen my heart and he fills each day with such joy.  God has truly blessed Kyle and I with one of life's greatest gifts--a child!
We celebrated by playing and eating cake all day long!  Debbie, Greyson and Maddox came over with a GiGi's cupcake and Kyle came home with a balloon and more cake!  We are having a party on Saturday to celebrate with family and a couple of close friends!  That means, MORE CAKE! :)

Here are a few pictures to capture the monumental day!
Let's open presents!
 Waving bye-bye and ready to take a ride!
Yay!  That was fun!
 Not so sure about the milk!
 Birthday lunch!
Clapping for cake!
Daddy kisses!
Mommy kisses!
 Dig in!
By the way, it's pink because GiGi's only sells pink birthday!
 Mmm...this tastes pretty good!

 Thanks for the cupcake, Greyson and Maddox!
 Dig in!
 Birthday balloon from Daddy!
 Love to pull on the balloon!
Mommy and the birthday boy!
Let's try this milk thing again!  He decided he liked the milk!
 Let's eat cake, again!

Yummy cake!

For the rest of the week, I am in major party planning mode--i.e. To Do Lists for this and To Do Lists for that--Overall To Do lists and Each Day To Do Lists, To Do Lists for Food and To Do Lists for many, many lists! :) However, after ANOTHER list this morning, I'm starting to feel a little bit more organized!