Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An early Easter!

Since my parents were in town this past weekend and Kyle, Will and I will be at Disney on Easter, we decided to do our usual Easter lunch celebration a week early.  I couldn't wait to eat at yummy Mere Bulles for their Sunday brunch!  Mmmmmm!  Unfortunately, Will woke up with a stomach bug and wasn't feel too great (equally unfortunate is that Mommy caught that bug just 24 hours later and is still trying to recover...and may never eat Mere Bulles again!).  He was trooper, though and we were still able to make it!

 All of the cousins!
 Grammy D and Poppy D with all of the grandkids!
 Grammy and Poppy D!


Eight Months in a camera flash...

Some cute pics during month Eight!

You can see my teeth!
 Can you see my 2 teeth?
 I love beets just like my Mommy! (Grammy T is so proud!)
 Rollin' around!
 Ready for The Masters!
 Trying to pull up on my basketball hoop!

Will at 8 months!

Once again, the days quickly turn into weeks and the weeks fly by way too fast!  April started off fairly calm, but it is quickly turning into a whirlwind!  In just a few short days, we leave for Disney with Kyle's family!  However, there is much to be done between now and then and with the stomach bug rampaging through our house, my To Do List is a little behind!  I tried taking Will's 8 month (well, more like 8 1/2 month) pictures today and I don't believe that either of us was really in the mood.  None the less, 8 months has been a really fun month!  Kyle and I love to sit back and watch Will discover his surroundings.  Everything is SOOOO interesting to him.  I love to watch him play with his toys and make himself laugh....the best sound that I have ever heard!
Since we don't visit the doctor until our 9 month checkup, I don't have any stats on his weight / length.  But, if my ability to carry him around for long periods of time is any indication, I believe that he is definitely growing!

At 8 months:
~is completely on formula.  I think it was a mutual decision although I second guessed myself, I don't think that Will did...he was ready.
~drinks about 4 ounces every 3.5 hours or so.  I feel like this is such a small amount, but I've tried giving him more and he refuses.  One or two times, he's taken 5 ounces but it is VERY rare! A lot of the time, he won't even drink all four ounces!
~our fun/happy diaper changes have turned into a struggle.  He wants to turnover and reach for everything in site.  It's all I can do to get his diaper on!
~this kid loves to eat!  There isn't a food that he's turned down so far....including beets!  I think that he prefers some things over others, but he won't turn anything down!
~is somewhat particular about the consistency of the food.  If it's not completely pureed, he doesn't really seem to care for it.
~eats three meals/day
~loves his puffs and MumMums!
~rolling all over the place.  He can get to anything that he wants by turning himself around and rolling until he gets to his destination.
~is a great sleeper!  Still sleeps 12 hours! *ahhh!*
~had his 1st stomach virus (and proceeded to give it to Mommy!)
~can wave bye-bye
~loves other babies!  He gets so excited every time he sees a baby.

This face looks familiar?? And I don't think it's a Kyle face.