Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcome to our Family, Tess!

Emily and Paul arrived home this past Saturday with their brand new daughter!  Testute (pronounced Tes-suit-tae) Sophia Hammond walked right through airport security and into our arms!  You could tell right away that she was just the sweetest thing ever!  She was smiling and ready to meet her new sister and brothers.  Of course, you would have thought she was someone famous with all of the camera flashes going off.   She just looked at the camera and smiled for everyone.  We all wanted pictures with her and she would, happily, climb into our arms and put her arms tightly around our necks.  Ellie, Cooper and Cole brought her a balloon and she was fascinated with it....until she accidentally let it go!  I've been around her several times this week and it's really cute to see her interact with her sister and brothers.  They follow her around like a little puppy dog and fight over who gets to sit next to her!  I'm so excited to see Tess continue to take in her new environment and experience many "firsts" a cheeseburger and ice cream and waffle fries with polynesian sauce at Chick-fil-A (she LOVED it!).  She seems to be adjusting well!  I'm so proud to have her as a part of our family!

Tess and her beautiful, big brown eyes!

Cole, Cooper, Tess and Ellie!

Greyson and Maddox with the Hammond kids.

Grammy and Poppy are very excited to take Tess to Myrtle Beach, Dollywood and Disney World!

Aunt Mimi and Uncle Kyle with little T!