Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun Friday Photo

Remember the gigantic stuffed bear?

I'm sure that Will and Ben (the bear has officially been named!) will soon become best friends!  We hope he won't choose Ben as the stuffed animal he wants to take everywhere he goes!  That could be a little cumbersome!  Ha!

In other news--Will's cord fell off today!  Hooray!  We're moving on to "real" baths!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love at First Sight!

On August 2nd at 12:17pm, Kyle and I welcomed William Dean Tomlinson into our family!  He weighed 6 lb 6 oz and was 17.5 inches long (although 11 days later, at the pediatrician office, they measured him at 19 1/4, I'm thinking that the hospital made a mistake).  
We are overwhelmed with joy and feel so truly blessed that God chose us to parent this precious baby boy.  Our number one goal is to make sure we bring this child up in the sight of God and that we do whatever it takes to make sure that he gets to Heaven one day!  In the short two weeks and two days that Will has been a part of our family, we already can't remember what life was like before he arrived!  Nothing prepares you for the love you feel for your child the minute you lay eyes on them.  Every morning I wake up and look at him in awe that he is our son.  
Here is a little bit about our special delivery!

   Leaving for the hospital on August 2nd!
Getting ready to head into the OR for our scheduled c-section! My OB and I had discussed having a c-section throughout my entire pregnancy due to several different reasons.  My "birth plan" was that I wanted the path of least resistance!  For my particular situation, that turned out to be a c-section.  I know that everyone has a different birth experience, but I have to say that I do not regret AT ALL going the c-section route.  In fact, I have to say that it was SO EASY!  I was the most anxious about the spinal tap, but it turned out to be completely painless (the IV hurt worse!).  The c-section went off without a hitch and I rarely, if at all, had pain post-op.  I was up and walking several hours after the c-section and felt great throughout my three night stay in the hospital.  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!  
Little Will weighing in at 6 pounds 6 ounces.
Holding my baby boy in the operating room.
Our first family photo in the recovery area.
On cloud 9!
Arriving in our room.
Sleeping with daddy in the hospital.
Family of three relaxing in the hospital!
Sleepin' on Mommy's shoulder.
Autographed Vince Young jersey...Daddy's favorite part of the room!
Getting ready to head home...
 Will's ready to go!  Getting ready to go home!
 Arriving home from the hospital!
The ride home wore him out!
Daddy and his best buddy!
Our little peanut snoozing in his Moses basket.  He's the same size as a rolled up bath towel!