Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer So Far

Kyle and I have really been trying to take advantage of our time these past few weeks / months!  With the arrival of Will just around the corner, we know that being able to sleep late and do our own thing/make our own schedule will become probably "nonexistent!"  We've been to the lake house a couple of times with friends and family and enjoyed those weekends away.  Although, being 7-8 months pregnant and riding wave runners, etc really don't mix!  Last week, we went to Myrtle Beach with my family and had a great time!  Almost our entire family went (all 17 of us) including my parents, grandparents, sisters & families and aunt.  The only people missing were my cousins--Claire and Caroline.  We missed you guys!  It was particularly fun to watch Tess experience the beach for the first time.  That girl is fearless!  She loved the ocean, loved the pool and loved the water slides and had about 4 "holes in one" playing putt-putt!  

We are getting ready for our big move this Sunday / Monday and are ready to be settled in our new house. I'm chomping at the bit to get the nursery put together.  I'm in a major clean out and throw away mode right now.  No more needless things sitting around the house!  Hopefully, Will will take after his little friend, Laney, and not make an early (or on time!) appearance so we can get the house together!  

Memorial Day Weekend at the Lake House!

A stop off at the Jack Daniel's Distillery on our way to the lake.

Dinner in Chattanooga on our way to the lake house.

Myrtle Beach

Tess & Ellie

Emily and Debbie

Tess playing on the beach in the cutest bathing suit!

Dinner at Broadway at the Beach 

Girls Rule playing putt-putt!

A Dean Family tradition to play putt-putt at the beach.

Emily and her girls!

Date night at Murrell's Inlet in Myrtle Beach

Dinner at Drunken Jack's

Grandmommie & Grandaddy with all of the great-grandchildren.

33 weeks!  Only 7 more to go!