Monday, November 7, 2011

Will at 14 months!

Once again, I'm late with updates on Will at 14 months!  I would totally skip this month (as he is now 15 months), but it was a VERY monumental month for him!  
At the forefront of his updates at 14 months, is the fact that at exactly 14 months (to the day!), Will took his first steps!  Now, this could be disputed by his Grammy T., as she saw him take several steps while keeping him one evening several weeks prior; however, Kyle and I had not witnessed him taking any steps until October 2nd.  We were at life group with our dear church friends and Will just decided to start walking!  He took 6-7 steps, most of which I missed because I wasn't paying attention until everyone gasped!  He continued to take a few more steps that evening and from then on out, he went from 7-10 steps to walking!  It happened just as everyone predicted:  he just up and started walking!  He's so tiny (literally!) and it's so cute to see him "toddling" around!  One negative about walking, and being mobile in general, is that Will seems to be picking up every germ possible!  From birth to 12 months, Will had one very mild cold (which probably isn't even worth mentioning).  From 12 months until 15 months, he's been sick four different times including hand, foot and mouth and a nasty little stomach bug that lasted 7 days!  So, we are making up for lost time in the sickness department.
Otherwise, he is doing great!  It is such a fun age to watch him discover new things and learn new things.

At 14 months:
~began saying Mama.  Well, it's more of a sound of mamamamamamama....but, I'll take it!
~continues to sleep 11-12 hours per night.
~still takes 2 naps/day for the most part.  I do get some push back on the nap thing occasionally!
~is becoming ever increasing particular about the foods he eats.  Overall, he's a pretty good eater, but it depends on his mood as to whether he will eat a particular food on any given day.  While he will eat almost anything, some of his favorite foods are:  oatmeal, bananas, applesauce, refried beans, milk, scrambled eggs and spaghetti.  Oddly enough, he won't have anything to do with chicken--no grilled chicken, no fried chicken, no chicken tenders, no chicken nuggets (even Chick-fil-A!).  
~has several push toys and LOVES to push them around the house.
~signs "all done" and seems to know what it means.
~waves "Hi" and "Bye" to just about anyone who will look at him.
~doesn't say too many words yet:  Dada, Mamamama, and makes a sound that means "woof woof"
~LOVES puppy dogs!
~LOVES Mickey Mouse.  He won't watch TV more than 10 seconds, but he gets very excited when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on TV.  That is the only show that he seems to recognize.  He still won't watch it more than a couple of minutes, though.
~has shown significant improvement in the church nursery.  He continues to cry when we leave him, but I'm told that it only lasts for a few minutes and then he is fine!  Thank goodness!
~still loves his paci.  Interestingly, he will only take the 0-6 month pacis.  I have numerous pacis that are designed for 6+ months and he won't have anything to do with them.  He knows, by sight, which paci is one that he likes and he throws the ones that he doesn't like (without even putting them in his mouth) on the ground.  

Halloween Festivities

We enjoyed celebrating Halloween with the cutest little Mickey Mouse that you'll ever see!  I found Will's costume way back in March and it has been hanging in his closet ever since.  Through the months I would pull it out, look at it and think that Will would NEVER be big enough to fit in that costume.  Well, he was and he is!  
Unfortunately, Will had been under the weather for about a week, so we weren't able to capture many of his smiles (of course, I wanted him to have a "magical" day!); but for the most part, he went along with all of the activities.  The night before Halloween, we went to Ghouls at Grassmere (the Nashville Zoo).  The zoo does a great job with the Halloween festivities and I highly recommend it for all of you with kiddos.  Will seemed to enjoy people watching, aka kiddy watching, just as much as anything.  On Halloween night, our good friends, the Creamers, came over and we trick-or-treated at a few houses in our neighborhood.  Will and Mason could care less about dressing up, trick-or-treating or the candy, but fun was had by all of the adults!  
 Trick or Treat!
 Have a Magical Day!
The monkey and the mouse!
 Will and Mason trick-or-treating in the wagon!

 Mommy and her Mickey Mouse!

 Ghouls at Grassmere
 Will wants to walk all by himself!
 Riding the carousel at the zoo.

 Will loved his 1st ever Krispy Kreme doughnut!