Saturday, April 7, 2012

And then there were two.....

I'm about 8 weeks behind on this post, but when you've felt the way I've felt for the past 10 weeks, you'll understand!  Better late than never!
Kyle and I had always discussed having our children around two years apart.  So, keeping with the plan, we were ecstatic to discover this....
So, you're probably wondering what the excitement is all about.  Well, tilt your monitor, zoom in, whatever it takes because there is the faintest, lightest 2nd line that you've ever seen.  I knew from our first go-round at this, that even the faintest line counts!

Two days later, a new test returned these results....

So, yay!  Congrats!  The Tomlinsons are expecting their 2nd child!  Whoo-hoo!  We told our family and a few close friends while we anxiously awaited our 8 week appointment with the doctor. The exciting day arrived and we went in for our ultrasound.  Within, literally, two seconds of the ultrasound probe being placed on my stomach, I saw this and jumped off the table.....
Seriously, I think I saw it before the ultrasound tech saw it!

Surprise!  We are expecting TWINS!
Yep, never in a quad-trillion years would I have thought we would get pregnant with twins.  Many of you know that my sister has twins!  She got the twins in the family (or so I thought).  How many people do you know have twins and their sibling has twins as well (well, I've now heard a few stories, but come on, really???)?  Well, folks, it happens!  
Many of you have asked and may wonder, did I have an intuition that I was pregnant with twins? The answer is complicated....kinda yes and definitely no!  I thought it was strange that, literally, within a couple of days of taking the pregnancy test, I started feeling nauseous (unfortunately, I'm still waiting on that to dissipate)!  It was right around 8-9 weeks with Will before I started feeling sick.  But, I didn't think much about it at the time and wondered if it was even just in my head.  There were NUMEROUS times I would stand in front of the mirror and look at my belly and think, "oh my goodness, I swear I feel like my stomach is starting to pooch out already." I talked myself into thinking it was because this was my 2nd baby and you get bigger faster with your 2nd child.  I said to Kyle, multiple times, "Kyle, look at my stomach....what if we are having twins?"  BUT NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS did I ever think that was really the case and neither did Kyle.
And, yes, twins run in our family.  My great-grandfather was a twin.  My dad's niece (my 1st cousin) had twin girls, my sister had twin boys and, now, here I am with twins as well!  Twins also run in Kyle's family (his mother is an identical twin!), but you don't get twins from the husband (his DNA doesn't have any control over whether I drop two eggs or the one egg splits).  

So, there you have it!  And then there were three.....children that is!  
We feel extremely blessed that God has chosen us for this exciting and somewhat unique journey.  We also feel overwhelmed, anxious, slightly scared and nervous (okay, maybe just me!).  
Please keep Kyle, myself, Will and our two precious little babies in your prayers as we continue along this journey with which God has graciously surprised us!  And surprised is probably an understatement!
I'll leave you with a few more pictures of Baby A and Baby B!
 Baby A!
Baby B!
Double Trouble!