Friday, July 22, 2011

Will at 11 months!

So, I know that I say this every month, but I CANNOT believe how fast time goes by!  And, I CANNOT believe that this is my last monthly post before my baby turns ONE! Will has turned into this precious little boy right before my very eyes and I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened?  I just keep thinking about "this time last year...."  This time last year, I was anxiously awaiting his arrival...wondering if he would come early?  This time last year, we were putting the finishing touches on Will's nursery and trying to get our new house in order.  This time last year I was washing tiny, little newborn clothes, getting them ready for the big day!  This time last year we were wondering what life would be like with this new little person in our family.  

At 11 months:
~sleeping 12 hours per night--7:30pm to about 7:30am.
~still takes 2 naps per day
~drinks 6 oz in the morning and 4 oz every 4 hours.  Sometimes, he will drink 6 oz before bed for a total of 20 oz/day!
~LOVES food!  He loves pretty much any type of fruit (bananas, mandarin oranges and watermelon are his current favorites).  He also loves green beans, pinto beans, carrots, spaghetti.  However, he's going to have a sweet tooth like his Mommy, because he goes crazy over ice cream!
~Feeds himself, but doesn't show any interest in using a spoon.
~At exactly 11 months, he finally began crawling on his hand and knees.  No more army crawling!  Over the past 3 weeks, he's gotten pretty fast, too!  He loves to be chased!
~Jabbers ALL of the time, but still only says dada.
~Waves "hi" and "bye-bye"
~Can sign "all done"
~Hears the garage door opening in the evenings and takes off to the door to wait for Daddy! So cute!
~Knows how to "give Mommy kisses"--which means he opens his mouth really wide so Mommy can give him kisses! Melt my heart!
~Has really taken a liking to Ben the Bear in the past month or so.  He gets so excited and crawls up on him squealing!
~Is still having a hard time in the nursery at church :(
~Has 4 teeth (3 on bottom, 1 on top) with 2-3 (1-2 on top, 1 on bottom) starting to push through.
~Started chewing on the crib! I put on a rubber crib rail protector (after he left teeth marks in the crib), so then he moved to the side rail and started chewing on it!  Do I have a puppy?
~Started clapping.  He claps after everything he does and looks to you for affirmation!  It's really cute!
~Loves to roll the ball back and forth (claps after each time he rolls it!)
~Does not like to sit still and has an attention span of about 2 minutes!

Here are a few pictures at 11 months:
(which, by the way, are becoming ever so increasing difficult!)

"Can you see my teeth?"

Alaska Vacation continued...

Back to Alaska....
After our weekend in Seattle, we boarded Holland America's MS Oosterdam for a 7-day cruise through Alaska and Canada.  For the first two days, we were at sea.  On Tuesday, we sailed up through the inside passage to Glacier Bay.  It takes all day to go up through the inside passage and the scenery is beautiful.  At the top of the bay is a ENORMOUS glacier.  The ship rotates around (does a 180) and then you sail back out of the passage.  It was nice to have a few days without the hustle and bustle of sightseeing, schedules, excursions, etc.  There are plenty of things to do while on the, games, eating, movies, eating, a Culinary Institute, a Kids club, eating, shopping....did I mention eating?

Getting ready to board the ship. Bon Voyage!
Maddox and Will
Daddy and Will at dinner
The girls!
Is someone the center of attention?
Glacier down to the water.

Do you see the bald eagle?  The first of a TON that we would see on the trip.
Will snuggled up and sleeping during the inside passage.
And, finally, he wakes up!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mommy's little reader!

Yesterday, I let Will wonder off to his room to play while I finished doing whatever I was doing at the time.  After a few minutes, I noticed it was awfully quiet!  So, I tiptoed into his bedroom to see what he was doing.  
It was the sweetest thing ever.  He was sitting next to his basket of books....turning the pages, patting the pictures, lifting the flaps and talking to himself. Precious!

Later on, I found him in the kitchen...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

On Tuesday, Kyle and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary!  On one hand it seems like yesterday and on the other hand it seems like way more than three years!  Our celebration this year was pretty low key--dinner, grocery, Lowes....ha!  In all seriousness, I'm happier now than I was three years ago.  I am blessed, by God, with the most perfect man for me!  Looking forward to the next 50 years!

Monday, July 11, 2011

This past week...

July has started off with a bang!  We had a lot going on this past week and here are a few pictures from our activities...
July 4th weekend @ the lake!
 Enjoying the Relaxation Station!
 Scrub-a-dub--dub, Will's in the tub!
 Crazy sleepin' hair!

 Otter Creek Cookout!

 Will's best buddy, Mason!

Little Shrek!
 Latest addition to the nursery.
Will eating a fruit/grain bar and laughing SO hard!

 He thought it was soooooo funny!