Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Will's Birthday Dinner!

On Will's actual birthday, we celebrated by going to the Aquarium restaurant with our friends, the Creamers and Will's best buddy, Mason!
I think that Mason and Will had a fun time looking at all of the amazing fish!
Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet buddy!
 Attempt at a family picture
 Trying to take a picture of a 2 yr old and an 18 month old doesn't really work..
 Will looking at the fish.
 Mommy's two favorite guys!
Will's birthday dessert (Mommy was especially excited!)
 Even Mason got to take advantage of eating chocolate!
 Dig in, Will!
 Riding the "shoo shoo" after dinner!
 My precious 2 year old!
Mason driving the car, too!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Will!

We had several birthday celebrations for Will's 2nd Birthday!  The festivities began with a family birthday party on July 28th at Grammy and Poppy T's neighborhood pool!  Will was very excited to have a Mickey Mouse party at "Papa's pool!"  
This year, at 31 weeks pregnant, I tried to keep it as low key as possible. I had no idea if I would be on bed rest while planning the party and feel blessed that the babies cooperated and I wasn't!  
It was a great celebration and I think Will had a super fun time!

A few of the details:

And the birthday boy:

 Will coming to the party!
 Two of Will's favorite people!  Mickey and Daddy!
 1st Capri Sun!
 Ready to open presents!
Play dough and invisible markers!
A Mickey Mouse blanket for school!
Singing Happy Birthday!
Some of Will's cousins!
 His favorite gift!
 He wouldn't even get off his car to eat cake!
Giving Thomas a ride on his new car! Too cute!

Williamson County Fair

On Saturday, we took Will to the fair!  Kyle and Will had gone the previous Saturday and had a great time, so we decided to take advantage of the 80 degree weather and go again.  I'm glad that I decided to join in on the fun the 2nd go round (and be the photographer...typical Mom job!).  

Will LOVES animals and he is fearless!  It was cute to see him running around to all of the animals trying to pet them.  It wasn't so cute trying to keep him from crawling underneath the railings into the pins of the animals to get up close.  

We are really trying to take advantage of each and every day before the babies make their debut and spend as much time with Will as possible!  
 Playing in the corn
 and pouring it on his head!
How much fun is playing in the corn?!
 Petting the sheep
 Will ran straight up to the cow, got in her face and yelled, "moooooo!"
Running back and forth between the cows.
 Petting the llama
and the donkey!
 So excited to ride the Nemo fish!  No fear!
Will LOVES tractors!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day!

I loved celebrating Mother's Day with my two (well, I guess four!) favorite guys!
Kyle does a great job making it a special day.  On this Mother's Day, I woke up to this...
Don't judge....I'm pregnant!

I failed to get many pictures, but at least I got one good one with my little guy!

Will rolling his truck up Mommy's belly!

While it was a very special day and I'm blessed beyond measure, I couldn't help but think about my sweet Grandmommie and our first Mother's Day without her.  I know that while she was able to celebrate in heaven, for the first time with her own mother, the rest of us were missing her dearly.  I'm looking forward to the day when we are ALL together again, celebrating!

And then there were three....boys!

About a month ago, at 16 weeks, we found out that we would be welcoming two precious baby BOYS into our family!  Kyle actually called it ahead of time saying that he had a gut feeling it was going to be two boys. I didn't have a strong feeling either way.  Of the utmost importance is/was that they were both healthy and growing perfectly!
I've decided that since we already have one of the sweetest boys you'll ever find, having two more boys will just be easier!  Watching them grow up being the best of friends will be very special.  My dad came from three boys and my grandfather also came from three boys!  Also, as I already know, boys love their Mommy and I will continue to reign as queen of the house! :) 

 Baby A's profile looks identical to Will! Looks like this one is going to have a strong arm!
 Baby B would not be still long enough to get many good shots.  I love how they both have their hands up by their face/mouth.
 The bottom of Baby A's feet!
One of the babies' with their mouth open! I don't know which one??

Friday, May 11, 2012

The difference in having two babies vs. one baby


20 weeks with Will!

Almost 21 weeks with the twins!