Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting so Big!

Will is ALMOST two months old and I can't believe how much he has grown!  To be honest, it makes me sad.  I've already had to put away some little onesies & preemie clothes that are now too small on him and I almost cried.  What is wrong with me?  It's going to be a long road of sadness if I don't get over it soon!
On the other hand, he is FINALLY able to fit into some of the clothes that I had packed and taken to the hospital for him to wear when he was born.  I'm now getting to experience a little of the excitement of dressing him in cute clothes.  I'm a baby person and love the little baby stage; however, it has been so fulfilling and heart-warming to watch him develop.  He is smiling ALL of the time now and it just melts my heart.  Last night, I was putting him to bed and he opened his eyes when I laid him in his moses basket.  I sat down to pat him for a minute and he started smiling so big that he couldn't keep his paci in his mouth.  It was too cute!  He is also beginning to make sounds and coo.  It is adorable watching him discover his voice and try to talk.  Ahhhh...the joys of being a mother!

Trying to get a family picture

 Playing with his cousins--Robert and Olivia
 Singing songs with Aunt Katie
 Trying to talk

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Will at 1 Month!

Has it really already been a month since my little guy was born?  Time really does fly!  Honestly, I can't even remember what life was like before he arrived (except for remembering that I got to sleep all night without interruption..oh, and that I got to actually eat my meals while they were still warm!).  We are settling into somewhat of a routine and each day is a new adventure!

1 month stats:
~7 lbs 11 oz --7th percentile
~21 inches long -- 22nd percentile

At 1 month:
~eating every 2.5--3 hours during the day
~sleeping for 4--5 hours at night (Mommy only has to get up 1 time each night!!)
~loves his paci (or his fingers if his paci is unavailable--he's a sucker!)
~likes to be held when he is awake
~in the past few days, he has started to lie on his activity mat for about 10 minutes at a time
~like the swing (sometimes!)
~doesn't really care for the bouncy seat (sometimes I can sneak him into it if he is asleep)
~went to church for the 1st time at 3 weeks!
~went to his first football game at 4 weeks!
~has already been to a lot of Mommy & Daddy's favorite restaurants!
~is really starting to smile at Mommy (especially in the mornings after I feed him--this is our time to cuddle!)
~still isn't fitting into ANY of the clothes that I have for him.  We only have about 3 outfits that fit him!

Here are a few pics of Will during his 1st month--

Watching my 1st Titans game with Daddy!

Meeting Mr. Charlie for the 1st time!

Meeting Max for the 1st time!

Happy Birthday to Mommy!

Sleeping with Daddy!

Ready for my 1st stroller ride to Starbucks!

Daddy is taking me to the Vandy football game!

Daddy says, "Go Dores!"